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Professur: Innovative Reaktorsysteme

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Xu Cheng

Tel.: +49 721 608 45135
FAX: +49 721 608 45130
sekretariatVis1∂iatf kit edu


Thermohydraulische Versuchsanlage KIMOF

Name KIT Modellfluidanlage (KIMOF)
Anwendung Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Thermohydraulik und Sicherheit fortgeschrittener und innovativer Reaktorsysteme
Fluid: Frigen R134a
Druck: 7.0 MPa
Temperatur: 220 °C
Volumenstrom: 0.2  - 20 m3/h
Heizleistung: 150 kW
Messtechnik: u.a. Lasermesstechnik (LDV)
Status in Betrieb
Schaltbild der KIMOF Anlage
Schema der KIMOF-Testanlage
KIMOF faciliy
Ansicht der KIMOF-Testanlage
Kontakt Denis Klingel
  Tel. : +49 721 608 45307 

Particle based in-house Code: ShonDy 

Name ShonDy
Beschreibung: shonDy is a high-performance 3D computational fluid dynamics software based on the Lagrangian approach. A general geometry CAD file can be used as an input data to start the simulation, while the complicated mesh generation is not required. More freedom of simulation can be obtained by breaking the restriction of mesh. In shonDy, the fluid and solid bodies can be discretized into the moving element, which allows for a complete coupling between the solid objects and all kinds of free surface flows. The main simulation functions of the code include the flow of viscous fluid, the fluid and solid interaction, heat convection and conduction, as well as the deformation of elastic bodies. The code has a wide potential application in the engineering and industrial fields.
Homepage https://shondynamics.com/technology
Kontakt Xi Wang

 Rise of a bubble claculated with ShonDy


Name IFRT Simulationslabor (KASILA)
Anwendung Numerische Simulationsplattform fortgeschrittener und innovativer Reaktorsysteme
  • Simulation und Visualisierung des Kraftwerk-Verhaltens
  • Darstellung eines komplexen Kraftwerk-Systems
  • Echtzeit-Simulation möglich
  • Multiphysik und Multiskalen Kopplung
  • Modularer Aufbau
  • Neueste Modelle und numerische Methoden
Status Im Betrieb
KASILA Simulationslabor am IFRT
Kontakt Dr. I. Otic