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Professur: Innovative Reaktorsysteme

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Xu Cheng


Tel.: +49 721 608 45135
FAX: +49 721 608 45130
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Aurelian Badea

Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Ing. Aurelian Florin Badea

Akademischer Oberrat
Gruppe: Innovative Reaktorsysteme
Sprechstunden: nach Vereinbarung
Raum: 332
Tel.: +49 721 608 46746
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Titel Typ Semester Ort
Vorlesung (V) SS 2019
SS 2019
Vorlesung (V) SS 2019
Vorlesung (V) SS 2019
Übung (Ü) SS 2019
Vorlesung (V) WS 18/19
Vorlesung (V) WS 18/19


Dr. Aurelian Florin Badea is a permanent faculty member of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Maschinenbau) at KIT, specializing in experimental and computational problems in nuclear physics and engineering. He has authored or co-authored more than 100 refereed journal articles and refereed publications in international conferences. He has participated actively in the projects NURESIM and NURISP (as SP4 deputy leader), being mainly responsible for developing the BESTEST code for consistent experimental data assimilation and model calibration. He holds courses on Energy Technology, Nuclear Energy, and Regenerative Energies both in Mechanical Engineering and Carl Benz School of Engineering within KIT.